Cloud Backup is not optional!

Everyone has experienced the horrible feeling of losing irreplaceable data on their computer. Computer backup is so important to your computer that to ignore it is to risk playing Russian Roulette with your data. There are many threats that can cause you to lose data. So it is imperative to be persistent in protecting your computer.

Regularly and consistently backup your computer data. Failure to protect your data may cause your home or business records to be lost and unrecoverable. In the unfortunate event that your computer or it’s system is compromised, your files can be recovered from anywhere if you use cloud storage.

The cloud makes it virtually impossible to lose your most important data because you do not have to rely on not losing your external drive or losing your computer to system failure or disaster such as fire or natural disaster.

Cloud backup services can also be accessed from anywhere so maybe you are just interested in being able to access your data at work, school, or on the go without taking your computer with you.

There are free services such as Mega that can provide up to 50 GB of free storage so there is no excuse for not having your files backed up.